You Are Drinking Your Calories

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You Are Drinking Your Calories

The reason why you cannot lose weight could be because you are drinking sugary beverages.

They are the most fattening items on the shelf and can single-handedly ruin your weight loss.

They carry no satiety, they are often jam packed with calories and sugar, they are easy for your body to digest (leading to insulin spikes), and should be completely avoided.

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Beverages like Coke and Pepsi are obvious culprits. But the ones you should be watching out are those branded as “healthy” – like vitamin water and especially fruit juices.

Fruit juices are packed with fructose sugar and lack the one thing that makes fruits healthy – fiber.

Another culprit that hides under the “healthy umbrella” is the smoothie. Smoothies have recently become extremely popular in the fitness industry and are a topic for an article on its own.

They will not help you lose weight! As a matter of fact they might to the exact opposite.

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Do not fall victim to popular trends and marketing ploys claiming that “juice cleanses” and specific juices will boost weight loss. They will not.

And as much as you will hate me for saying this – that also means no sugar in your morning coffee.

Try and limit as much as you can the consumption of such beverages. If you can completely remove them from your daily lifestyle, even better.


Any beverage that contains calories needs to be avoided. This includes drinks that fall under the “healthy” label – fruit juices and smoothies especially.