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Isometric exercises

The essence of isometric exercises is that within 6-12 seconds the maximum effort is spent to counter the resistance of an object. This is what distinguishes isometric exercises, in which muscle contraction causes only its tension, from isotonic exercises, during which, due to muscle contraction, its length changes. One of the most popular isometric abdominal exercises is the plank .
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Atlas Pushups

Atlas pushups are pretty similar to traditional pushups the only difference is that there is a bit of an incline angle and a better stretch of your chest. What that means is that instead of targeting the chest muscle as a whole, you are specifically targeting the upper chest. And at the same time you
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Bigger Arms Training Program

The following program is based on a four day training week, train Mon/Tues, rest Wed, train Thurs/Fri, rest Sat and Sun. Obviously, you can move this around to suit your own needs. You may want to train once on the weekend and have Fridays off for example. It doesn’t really matter, that’s the beauty of
The Dangers of Bodybuilding

You’re Too Stressed

Perhaps the reason why no matter what you do you are not losing weight is because your stress has gone up. Stress and weight gain, or the inability to lose weight, go hand in hand. There are two main ways stress influences our results: Stress can lead to cravings. We often reach for “comfort foods” when
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You’re Not Drinking Water

Increasing the amount of water you drink can help improve weight loss. Drinking water has been shown to increase the amount of calories you burn while resting. With some studies showing a 25-30% increase in calories burned just after 10 minutes of drinking water. This effect lasts for 1.5 hours. A very interesting study shows how women
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You Are Drinking Your Calories

The reason why you cannot lose weight could be because you are drinking sugary beverages. They are the most fattening items on the shelf and can single-handedly ruin your weight loss. They carry no satiety, they are often jam packed with calories and sugar, they are easy for your body to digest (leading to insulin
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You’re Lifting Too Heavy

There is a condition that all of us guys suffer from when at the gym, it’s known as “ego lifting”. You’ve probably heard of it before: It’s when guys go to the gym with the intentions of having a good and productive workout. But as soon as they lie down on the bench or curl up