You’re Too Stressed

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You’re Too Stressed

Perhaps the reason why no matter what you do you are not losing weight is because your stress has gone up.

Stress and weight gain, or the inability to lose weight, go hand in hand.

There are two main ways stress influences our results:

  • Stress can lead to cravings. We often reach for “comfort foods” when we are feeling stressed or down.

I think we all have experienced a moment in life where after a long stressful week all you want to do is kick it back, watch some of your favorite shows and binge eat your favorite junk food.

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To make matters even worse, sources show a correlation between people with higher levels of stress having elevated food cravings.

  • Cortisol hinders weight loss. Cortisol is naturally released when we are either psychologically or physically stressed.

The problem with cortisol is that it promotes weight gain and fat storage.

Stress is something with which I personally struggle every day. It almost became a natural part of my everyday life.

So what are you supposed to do if you are experiencing prolonged stress?

Mindful thinking.

Take the time of the day to check in with yourself and try to lower your tension as much as possible.

For example, my knee-jerk reaction is to quickly get mad at things that cause distress, but are out of my control. Whenever I find myself in such situations, I take a deep breath and reconsider the circumstances from a different view. This usually helps calm me down.

Many people claim that meditation and yoga are great for them to relieve their stress levels. Maybe give them a try. A study found that meditation can decrease binge eating and emotional eating.

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I personally find exercise to work wonders for relieving stress.

You can also speak with a professional in the field such as a therapist. Especially if you are dealing with chronic stress.


Stress greatly impacts weight loss and can single-handedly be the reason why you’re not losing weight. Aim to lower your stress levels through mindful thinking, practicing meditation and/or yoga. If you suffer from chronic stress you should contact a professional.