Diamond Pushups

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Diamond Pushups

I don’t know what is it about this exercise but it’s just one of my favorite bodyweight chest exercises. Not as much as chest dips, but it’s up there.

The diamond push-up adds a bit more stress to your triceps. However, what it does different for the chest is that it targets the inner portion of the your pecs. Ensuring that you have that full symmetrical chest development.

Not to mention that it looks pretty cool when you have a really well developed inner chest separation.


I mean, come on.

How to:

You want to enter a starting position similar to that of traditional pushups.

The only difference is that instead of having your arms at shoulder width, you’re going to place your palms in front of your chest with your fingers forming a triangle shape. Er go the name – diamond pushups.

That means that both your thumbs and index fingers need to be touching.

Everything from this point onward is the same as the traditional push up.