How Does Omega 3 Help Build Muscle?

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How Does Omega 3 Help Build Muscle?

As of recently, a lot of the studies carried out on Omega 3s, when it comes to their aid in build muscle, is focused on anti-inflammatory and muscle loss (atrophy) prevention properties.

What these studies show us is that with the introduction of Omega 3 fatty acids to a person’s diet, can help spare muscle tissue that can be associated with muscle wasting diseases.


Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), yes the same ALS that had millions of people dumping buckets with ice-cold water over their heads in 2014, has been reported to be closely affected by Omega 3s as it is shown that DHA, EPA and ALA may prevent or delay the onset of ALS.

This has caused researchers to ask “If Omega 3s alone can help keep muscle from wasting, then what can these fatty acids do, in combination with a proper diet, do for those who are actively trying to build muscle and get in shape?”.

A lot of the more recent studies take a closer look at Omega3s in conjunction with hyperaminoacidemia (more amino acids, protein) and hyperinsulinemia (more carbs).

The combination between these macronutrients and Omega 3 is not random.

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Remember earlier how I told you that the main health benefits that come from Omega 3s are primarily due to the fact that they aid the cells to function more properly and improve their intercommunication? Well, this is where it gets interesting.

The main hypothesis that researchers had was that Omega 3 fatty acids would help active certain cell pathways allowing for protein and carbohydrates to build muscle more efficiently and effectively.