Eating Too Dirty

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Eating Too Dirty

The amount of times I have heard the phrase “It’s OK, I’m bulkng” is insane.

As a matter of fact, that phrase is now so popular that it became a meme:

We all know that one guy (or are) who slams pizzas, burgers, ice cream and various other dirty calories.

It’s quite easy to fall victim to a dirty diet, simply because it’s… easier.

Junk food is easy to digest, cheap, grants a large number of calories and is somewhat rich in macro-nutrients which makes it possible to reach your daily macro goal.

Not to mention how incredibly tasty it is!

The only downside is that it does more harm than good – the cons definitely outweigh the pros (if any).

The main disadvantage obviously is the drastic increase in body fat.

This again leads to lowered testosterone and growth hormone production which means that you will end up not gaining any muscle mass.

Not to mention that you will, sooner or later, have to enter a cutting phase.

A cutting phase essentially means that you will have to decrease your daily calories in a deficit and place yourself in a workout regime that is designed to help you burn fat and less focused on building muscle.

You also put yourself in that mental mind-set.

So basically what you end up doing is getting stuck in a loophole where you’re really not building muscle.

It’s important to remember that your diet is of high importance. What you eat will ultimately determine your muscle building success.

This is why you really need to make sure that the food you put on your plate is packed with valuable micro and macro-nutrients that will enhance muscle growth.

I understand how hard it may be to stay away from such foods as they are quite addictive – but if you’re hoping to grow bigger and stronger it would be important that you try your best to limit or stop your consumption of dirty calories.


Having a “dirty” diet can lead to excess body fat, which can lower testosterone and HGH production. This will lead to lower or no muscle gains.